Safety & Certifications

Safety & Certifications

When Stewart’s Tree Service and Land Clearing shows up on your job site, you can be sure you will receive safe, reliable and quality service, at a competitive rate. You will be supplied with a skilled operator on equipment that has been meticulously inspected and maintained. Safety awareness is an integral component in any endeavor we undertake. Staff members and service partners share a willingness to uphold high safety standards, which helps us provide the safest and healthiest work environment possible.

Safety Objectives

Stewart’s Tree Service and Land Clearing believes in creating a strong safety culture. Our project managers and superintendents are the leaders of our safety team. They are responsible for accident prevention and reduction of on-the-job injuries. We believe that success in accident reduction lies in planning ahead. We make every effort to cultivate a positive safety attitude at every level.

• Promoting the safety and well-being of each employee and his/her family.
• Encouraging recommendations for improvements to safety throughout the company and each project.
• Establishing individual responsibility for the safety program on each project that reaches all levels, including the workforce.

Key Elements of our Safety Program

• Involvement of crew.
• Belief that a safe job is a productive job.
• Company safety and health manual.
• Drug and alcohol testing program.
• New-employee orientation and training.
• Accident and injury reporting system with follow-up corrective measures.
• Jobsite Hazard Analysis (JHA) for all major work phases.


International Society of Arboriculture

Brian A. Stewart - ISA Certified Arborist - #SO-6304A

Tree Care Industry Association

Accreditation # GA-009 - Stewart’s Professional Tree Services & Landscaping - Owner: Brian Stewart

GSA Member since 03/06/04 Accredited since 04/29/2009

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