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Professional mass land clearing is a key component to the start of any large development or construction project. Although terrain can be almost as unpredictable as the weather Stewart’s Tree Service and Land Clearing has never failed or given up on a job. Stewart’s full service fleet of specially designed track-driven and heavy-duty equipment and highly trained operators will allow you to rest assured knowing your project is being handled by industry leading professionals.


Regardless of the size or scope of your clearing and grubbing project, we have the expertise, equipment, and manpower needed to handle your job with ease. Stewart’s Tree Service and Land Clearing is known throughout the industry for efficiently and cost-effectively tackling jobs.


Stewart’s Tree Services and Land Clearing uses state of the art horizontal track grinders. From our 765 hp 3680 Bandit Beast to the monster 1050 hp CBI 6800, debris and stumps do not stand a chance.


When you rely on Stewart’s Tree Service and Land Clearing, no matter how small or large the project, we have the capability to ensure quality transportation solutions for the debris generated by your job. We ensure all debris is trucked or hauled away by our expert team using our versatile fleet of dump trucks, grapple trucks and walking floor trailers.


Fast and efficient brush removal keeps your project on schedule. Brush mowing is a perfect option to prepare your project site for construction access or for mass land clearing/ grading operations. Our fleet includes highly efficient machines capable of quickly grinding the thickest, heaviest undergrowth.


Whether the project calls for navigation through narrow lanes or along sprawling timberland, Stewart’s Tree Service and Land Clearing is proud to offer Right of Way services to municipalities and governmental agencies in Atlanta and throughout the Southeast. Stewart’s experienced staff and fleet of all-terrain equipment clear right of way paths quickly and effortlessly. Clearing operations for gas, water, sewer, electricity, fiber optic cable, roadways, railways and other services are handled with equal expertise.

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